All You Need To Know About Kivin The New Oral Sex Technique

Kivin The New Oral Sex Technique

We need to talk about Kivin the new oral sex technique which promises a faster and more intense orgasm within minutes

The Kivin technique guarantees big things. Although it’s truly not a person, it is a new sexual perversion technique, and it isn’t truly known as Kev, it’s known as Kivin.

You tend to find different species of women when it comes to sex, some doesn’t find it difficult to achieve orgasm but if you’re one of those who find it difficult, then kev is here for you.

According to sex consultants, 60% of ladies in the US tend to have quicker and a lot of orgasms, with most women climaxing at intervals 3 minutes.

It’s real and just science. With Kivin the new oral sex technique, it’s all concerning the positioning, thus rather than approaching between the legs, the giver ought to position themselves side-on.

Kivin The New Oral Sex Technique

A man represented this as “a taco lying flat on its base instead of standing upright”.

And what better way to describe how to achieve this magic sexy angle than using a taco?
A tasty, tasty taco.

Sex and relationship professional at Love Honey Annabelle Knight described “Rather than coming back in from between the legs, the giver comes in from the facet.

“They need to place the index finger and thumb either side of the clitoris to raise and steady it, and then instead of licking up and down the vulva, you are going from side to side – straight across the clitoral hood.

“This helps to stimulate a wider area of the clitoris than conventional methods usually used.”

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The giver also additionally press a finger on the area (the space between the vagina and also the anus) and once their partner is nearing achieving orgasm, they move their tongue from the side-on angle to the pinnacle of the clitoris.

So, take note, it’s actually three new variations: “side-on approach, hand position and licking across the clitoral hood.”

Have you tried Kivin? Would you like to?

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