Molecular Gastronomy Where Food Meets Science

Molecular Gastronomy Where Food Meets Science

Whenever you think of molecular gastronomy, the first thing to strike your bain should be Food Science. It can be said as the coming together of the principal of sciences and food preparation, applying your knowledge of science to food preparation starting from cooking, ingredients interaction, texture, and the appearance of the food.

The fact remains that we first eat with our eyes before our mouth. Take a good gesture where you’re sitting in a restaurant with your food well served on the table, our eyes and our mind tends to firstly appraise the served food leaving us with the gesture of an expected taste.

According to a Science Meets Food Blog, “It is all about breaking down perception, and shattering expectation.” The Chef applies his scientific principle by playing with food flavors and texture at the end creating and presenting a wonderful novel combination of foods.
Molecular Gastronomy Where Food Meets Science

10 tips for practical molecular gastronomy
1. Use a quality fresh raw mat
2. Temperature
3. Get a basic understanding of heat transfer, heat capacity, and heat conductance
4. Control texture of food
5. Control taste, flavor, and color
6. Prolonged exposure to flavor causes desensitization (brain thinks the food smells strong even though it’s still present in the same amount)
7. be critical to recipes and question authority
8. Try new ingredients
9. Keep a written record
10. Have fun

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