NASA Predicts Humans Living On Planet Mars In 25 Years

NASA Predicts Humans Living On Planet Mars In 25 Years
In 2020 a new NASA mission will send a rover to Mars to determine the habitability for humans on the Red Planet.[Courtesy: NASA]

NASA predicts humans living on Planet Mars in 25 years, but will they be the same as us?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA believes they can house humans on planet Mars within the space of twenty-five years, though the technological and medical hurdles are quite tremendous.

The US space agency reported that deadly radiation from the cosmos, potential vision loss, and atrophying bones are likely some of the challenges scientists will overcome before any future spaceman will set foot on the Red Planet.

Former NASA astronaut Tom Jones who retired in 2011 commented that “The cost of solving those means that under current budgets, or slightly expanded budgets, it’s going to take about 25 years to solve those,”

At a median distance of 225-million kilometers, Mars poses scientific issues an associate magnitude bigger than whatever that was encountered by the Apollo satellite missions.

With today’s rocket technology, it’d take astronaut/spaceman up to 9 months to get to Planet Mars.

With gravity solely tierce of Earth’s, scientists don’t, however, grasp the consequences of a likely annual mission to the surface of Mars.

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NASA currently has a new robotic lander called InSight zooming towards Mars, due to land on November 26 after taking off from California on May 5.

The $993m project aims to expand human knowledge of interior conditions on Mars, inform efforts to send explorers there, and reveal how rocky planets such as the Earth formed billions of years ago.

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